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Can We All Agree It's Time to Stop Dieting Now?

Veteran Keto'ers know the truth...

That this isn't just a 6 week diet,  it's a lifestyle...

and lifestyle changes don't happen alone.

That's where the Keto Inner Circle comes in with support, accountability, and expert advice.

And the best part...


Those Who Who 'Keep Calm and Keto On' Experience...

Sustained Weight Loss

Surging Confidence

Intense Energy

Healing of Chronic Illness

[ Calling All New or Experienced Keto'ers ]

Does This Sounds Familiar?

"Quick! I'm at Starbucks what do I order?"

"I'm a traveler and after bouncing from hotels and Airbnb’s, I’m a little confused on how I can manage all meals for the day. How does this look? Is it bad that I went over with protein? "

"Totally fell off and it has been damn near impossible for me to get back on track. I know its a lot self discipline but how do yall do it?!"

"My struggle is I still see the same fat girl I have always felt like. 😔 I've been stuck for months and it's really starting to get to me. I still feel like I have so far to go I'm afraid I will never be confident in my own skin."

"It’s not the pizza, Doritos, cake or ice cream. It’s the husband who comes home and wants to binge watch tv after a grueling day at the office and opens a bottle....which leads to a second bottle...."

"Help I gotta kick this sugar problem....I am fine till 730 and then mentally lose it"

Girl, If any of that resonates, this is for you!

I've been where you are - tired, sick, overweight and wanting more for my life. That's why I've created this Inner Circle Membership to get you on board with Keto and living your best life!

Hi! I'm Mena,

And I found that when you change your diet, you change your life.  Together, let’s get to the root issue of your problems and find a permanent fix. Kick bad habits for good and become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Healthy, confident, and sexy. Step into your highest power with Keto and the Inner Circle Community.

Fast Track Your Results by Joining This Intimate Community of Like Minded Women

The Inner Circle has everything you need to make a positive life transformation.

Meal Plans

Expert Advice

Private Exclusive Community

Live Q+As

Daily Recipes

1:1 Support + Accountability

Weekly Workout Challenges

Mindset Mantras

Forget Everything You Know About Keto and Read This...

If you're ready to make a REAL change and stop the yo-yo dieting, then make sure to jump in on this membership! No-where else will you find this exclusive value and price point from a certified ketogenic coach!

Rapid Weight Loss

Fast and permanently! No more yo-yo dieting only to put the weight back on in a few weeks.  This is a lifestyle, where some clients have seen 8 lbs fall off in their first week! 

Heal Your Body + Mind

Recover from chronic illness or diseases such as epilepsy, diabetes, PCOS, depression, and so much more! Keto has been scientifically proven to change your gene expression and encourage healing you never thought possible!

Boost Energy + Focus

Start living again! With the Inner Circle and Keto'ing on, you'll feel a surge of energy and increased brain power. Say goodbye to the days of brain fog, sleepiness, and fatigue.  Get back to being yourself and performing at peak levels.

With The Inner Circle Community You'll Learn How To...

  • Know exactly how to eat keto to balance your hormones, lose weight and feel great for life
  • Be free from carb cravings and unhealthy binges
  • Reign in PMS, PCOS and Menopausal symptoms, so you (not your hormones) are in full control
  • Have more energy... all day long
  • Clear the brain fog and experience clarity like never before
  • Boost your confidence and discover a whole new zest for life

What Clients Have to Say...

"Mena helped me lose 33 lbs in 3 months! Losing the weight feels great; and, finding the freedom to eat truly delicious and healthy food until I am full (and not starve myself) feels even better. Mena’s healthy keto meal recipes taste amazing! She is a wonderful cheerleader, incredible source of support, and great at holding me accountable when I need it. She is passionate about creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle and I am so happy to have her to guide me through my journey! Thanks Mena!"

Tami Smith

"Mena is amazing! I have tried weight watchers, Jenny Craig, even a program from my dr and nothing worked! Half the stuff was processed tasted like cardboard and was not anything I could or would stick with ! Then a friend recommended I contact Mena! I have never been so grateful!!! In 2 months I was down 18lbs and it kept coming off I am only on the program almost 4 months and I am down 30 lbs. the food is real and delicious! It’s easy to stay on and even when I slip back to old habits... i get right back on I’m not roller coasteering my weight ! It’s real! My insulin has been reduced by over 30 units for long acting and over 20 units for during the day before meals. She is so amazing ! I love speaking to her and is so inspiring ! Just be dedicated to yourself !"

Mozee Ja

"I can’t say enough wonderful things about Mena & this amazing food program.. she supports me & guides me through every phase of Keto eating.. I’ve tried many times to do this alone & was never successful.. now I’ve been on program since March & can’t imagine eating any other way.. support through phone calls, Facebook community is just priceless if you are interested in changing your life.. this is not just another diet.. There’s nothing to lose if you want a free chat with Mena just to talk about program even if you’re not ready..."

Joanna Kirkwood

"I was very hesitant to start this lifestyle because of bad experience following a ‘low carb - high fat’ diet in the past. I didn’t know much about Keto and was thoroughly confused with so much conflicting information readily available. In the mean time, my friend and my husband are losing a ton of weight what seemed effortless. So I decided to jump in and do the 101 session. I was very impressed with the easy to follow guidelines and yummy recipes that my whole family enjoys. I’ve dropped about 20lbs during the 7 week program and plan on continuing to next season hopefully after summer. Thank you for introducing me to the Keto life Mena!"

Mirna Camacho Snyder

"If you are looking to loose weight , come out of a stall, have a great group of people to encourage you on, have great work outs and yummy recipes then keto mena is the one to go to . I was apart of her 7 week program and I have to tell you that it was one of the best things I could have done for myself, she breaks it down so it’s easy to understand. Everyday she puts up a new informative post along with yummy recipes . She’s quick to answer whatever questions you have no matter how small, . Take that leap and join one of her groups I promise you won’t be sorry "

Tracy Schifferdecker

"Mena is amazing. She is such an inspiration to me and so many others. With her guidance, I have lost 33.6 lbs and lots of inches. I have 15.4 to lose to my ultimate goal. I feel amazing. I can not wait to watch everyone who joins, transformations. Take before pictures and trust the journey. "

Margie Rose Stewart

"Three months ago my life was on the line. I was a solid 80 pounds overweight and my Type-2 Diabetes was skyrocketing out of control.I was admitted in the hospital with my blood sugar at 598 and a A1C of 12.9. My doctor had me on 2000 mg of metformin per day to control my disease, and even that wasn’t working. A colleague of mine mentioned that his wife, Mena, was a Ketogenic Lifestyle coach who had personally helped several individuals reverse their Type-2 Diabetes and come off of their medications. I was desperate to get healthier but couldn’t find anything that worked long-term, so I figured I had nothing to lose by giving this keto thing a try. Reaching out to Mena for Ketogenic nutrition coaching has literally saved my life. In just 12 weeks I am down 56 pounds and my blood sugar has dropped dramatically! Now my blood sugar average 90 to 105 and my A1C is 5.2.My doctor is astounded with this massive improvement and has reduced my metformin all the way down to just 250 mg. He feels that I will be off of the medication completely by the middle of June! Not only am I in better physical shape, but Mena has helped me make a sustainable lifestyle change. I know that I will hit my goal weight any day now and keep it off for good. Thanks to Mena I look and feel better than I have in decades! Mena, you are an angel. Thank you for your devotion to my health transformation! "

Brian Tyler

"After being on the Keto program for a week, I’ve lost 6 lbs! I feel energized (I use to feel fatigue around 3pm everyday), my pants are loose and I’m actually sleeping! (I have insomnia) Mena has been an amazing coach and I’m so excited to see my results after our 7 week journey together. Thank you Mena for always being there and encouraging me!"

Terri Ruf

"I always intended to lose the weight but never knew how to make it happen without feeling completely deprived. So, diet days would come and go with many false starts. After a summer visit with my cardiologist to review my recent bloodwork, my triglycerides were so high (409!) that my LDL could not even be calculated. I had now entered the land of coronary risk and she warned me that it was a direct result of my lifestyle. She upped my hypertension meds and put me on an ACE inhibitor because she “couldn’t have me stroke out on” her. I had to do something FAST. At a routine visit with my gynecologist, I mentioned my predicament and she told me that 4 months prior, she and her whole family started a ketogenic diet and she would never eat anyway else again. I asked her how she did it and she told me that she could not have done it without Keto Mena’s Ketogenic Living 101 online class. She loved the way Mena broke it down, needed the and coached her through every step. I looked Mena up as soon as I got home and took the plunge. One prep week and 6 Keto weeks later, I am dropping weight, feeling lighter, thinner and healthful. Friends and co-workers are wowed. After only 3 weeks of Keto, my bloodwork revealed my triglycerides were cut nearly in half to 242! LDL and VLDL also halved. My cardiologist, who had been skeptical gave her stamp of approval! Here are my before and after pics. I had been even more bloated in the before pic because I didn’t take it in the first week (TAKE PICS AND MEASUREMENTS!!) Want to finally try something that actually works, is sustainable and delicious?? Let Mena coach you through the steps!"

Alison Milligan

"I started working with Mena on September 10th, 2018. I have read a lot about the Keto diet but no matter what you read and what you think you know, it’s always a good idea to have a coach to setup you up the right way when you start your journey. And this was Mena for me. I had some health related concerns and Mena had gone through some of the same so she “got me”. We had a phone conversation prior to me starting the program that sealed the deal. Putting aside her guidance, answers to questions, recipes and things to eat or avoid, two things stood out for me; a) there is no judgement; if I mess up, regardless of what I did or didn’t do, there is the encouragement that comes from her that “tomorrow is another day”, we put that behind and start fresh the next day! And that makes you feel like a grown up, responsible for your own life and not a child getting scolded. b) she believes in eating clean, making your own things, from foods, to snacks, to cookies, you name it. There are so many products at this point that you can buy and they are keto, but you don’t know what’s in them or how they can affect your ketosis. I started listening 😊I now cook and bake my own things and I love it. I also love my creations and my friends and colleagues are amazed. Starting keto w Mena I discussed with her from the beginning that my focus was to lose body fat and wasn’t focusing on lbs. i had already lost 110lbs so my body loses slower at this point. I’ve never heard from her that I wasn’t losing enough or anything other that “you are a rockstar keep going”. My results in body fat drop and overall inches have been astonishing in a 4 month period, my health has drastically improved and most importantly, I take care of me! I ♥️ me and the person I’m becoming. I’m grateful to Mena and her guidance and I look forward to see what 2019 will bring. Thank you 🙏"

Athina Koutsoumadi

For less than the price of "falling off the wagon again"...

For just $79 you could be saving on health costs, junk food, and new clothes!

Keto Inner Circle


Per Month

  • Membership in a Secret Facebook Group
  • Custom Macronutrient Goal Setting
  • Daily 1:1 Coaching Support & Accountability
  • Weekly Keto Meal Plans + Recipes & Shopping Guides delivered via email
  • Workout Challenge Calendar
  • Mindset Mantras
  • Weekly Live Q&A
  • Special discounts!

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Frequently Asked Questions

This Tribe of Ketogenic Living VIP's provides weekly accountability, support, friendship and expertise that will help ensure you are on track and burning fat for fuel day after day, year after year!

  • An exclusive Facebook group of humans, just like you, who want to commit to changing their lifestyle with Keto.  Feel inspired, encouraged, and full of support!
  • Every week is something new! You'll recieve the tastiest meal plans, complete with recipes and shopping guides to keep you inspired and satisfied!
  • You'll recieve expert knowledge daily and the ability to ask questions to a certified Keto Coach and Intermittent Fasting Expert!

It doesn't need to be! If you're looking to do keto on a budget, I've got you covered.  Keto does NOT have to be expensive supplements and powders.  In the Inner Circle, we focus on real foods.  Investing in your future now,  has the power to prevent costly medical bills and new (larger) wardrobes in the future.

This program is like no other and the community I've created is so important to the continued success of staying on track to lose the weight and get healthy - without gaining it all back or yo-yo dieting.

In fact, Keto Mena's Inner Circle has experienced a 100% success rate. Each client who has entered the inner circle has been able to stick to keto and the Inner Circle community.

The program is month to month, like a gym membership, and you can cancel at anytime.  No cancelation fees or hidden charges. 

Are You Ready?

  • Feel like the energizer bunny - keep going and going and going and going all day long
  • Stop falling asleep at your desk at 3pm (unless you get your caffeine IV)
  • Ignore the insidious whispers of chocolate bars at the grocery store checkout
  • "What?! It’s lunch time?" You barely noticed because you’re not even hungry
  • Stop feeling like sugar is the only thing keeping you sane

The Inner Circle Membership isn't free, but it's less than the cost of health bills, junk food, and falling off the wagon again!

That helps to cover our costs, but it's also to make sure that you're committed and will stick with it. It's kinda like when you go to the gym just because you've already paid for it...but much less expensive. 

Remember, you’re getting:

  • Membership in a Secret Facebook Group
  • Custom Macronutrient Goal Setting
  • Daily 1:1 Coaching Support & Accountability
  • Weekly Keto Meal Plans + Recipes & Shopping Guides delivered via email
  • Workout Challenge Calendar
  • Mindset Mantras
  • Weekly Live Q&A
  • Special discounts!

All for just $79 to start!  Click below to join!

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Following a Ketogenic diet will transform how you feel mentally and physically. Your body will learn how to burn fat instead of sugar, which will help you beat those carb and sugar cravings. I’m excited to help you with your keto journey!