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With keto Mena, you can.  By working with a certified ketogenic coach, you receive expert information, a blueprint to follow, and accountability at every moment of weakness. Finally, tap into your inner strength and willingness to get healthy, lose the weight, and commit to shift.  Whether you’re no stranger to yo-yo dieting or have tried keto and failed in the past, this is sure to change your life.

Hi! I'm Mena,

And I found that when you change your diet, you change your life.  Together, let’s get to the root issue of your problems and find a permanent fix. Kick bad habits for good and become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Healthy, confident, and sexy. Step into your highest power with Keto!

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Ketogenic Programs Exclusively Created for Vitality Center Patients

"Mena is great ! She has helped me learn a new lifestyle of eating and feeling positive. I've lost weight on programs but have not been this size in a very long time. I am sleeping better, more energy. This is something I can maintain. My family is doing this with me after seeing the positive results. Thanks Mena for all of your expertise and positive coaching!"

Donna Richardson

"I am just finishing Mena's wonderful program. I had been doing lazy keto weeks before with slow results. I sure learned a lot! Mena is an expert in all things keto. She studies your daily macros and guides you on where you might have better results. She is inspiration and is Always there to answer questions. My weight loss journey is much easier now. Thanks Mena!"

Terry Capuano

"I never thought something could be so easy but working with Mena has been effortless. Within the matter of a DAY she was providing me with excellent resources and tools. I WAS that person that thought I knew what I was doing but she showed me with so much kindness and Care that I didn’t. It’s only been the first week but she has not only given me something so easy to follow but also HOPE! Can’t wait to get the OLD me back. Thanks Mena!"

Johanna Parisi

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